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Why Use Us For Your FHA Manufactured Home Inspections

It is All About Location….

FHA Manufactured Home InspectionsHow Many times have you heard this when speaking of  business and business success.  It is all about the location.

In this particular niche, we have one of the best locations to serve the entire State of Utah.  We are centrally located and can complete these inspections anywhere in the State of Utah within a 3 hour drive.  The best case scenario for us to to have several of these scheduled that we can complete many of them on the same day.  Last week we completed two inspections, one in Wanship and the other near Coalsville.)


We have a 58-72 hour business day turn around.  We know that this is one item, which is held until the very end of a closing.  With that being said, we know timing is often critical.  That is why we have given ourselves a 48-72 time limit on these types of projects.  So go ahead and try us today for your inspection and report.

 How To Proceed With Manufactured Home Inspections

The first thing to do is to call us at (435) 623-0897.  We will need to know the following information:

1) Address of the property or home 2) What company will we be certifying our inspection and letter to 3) Who is the responsible party for payment and 4) How quick or how soon is the property available to visit.

Once we have the above information, we can schedule the inspection and do our thing.  We will need to access either the home’s crawl space from within the structure or if the structure has an outside entrance, we will need to have that information as well.

FHA Manufactured Home Inspections

New Inspection Areas:

We are now available in the following locations:

  1. St. George and all surrounding areas
  2. Hurricane
  3. Cedar City
  4. Beaver
  5. Vernal
  6. Price

Call today for your FHA Manufactured Home Inspections and Report by calling (435) 623-0897.

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